To many damn surveys

I recently traded in my tree hugger Prius for a Mini Cooper CountryMan which I love.  I really liked my Prius but got tired or not being able to quickly pull out from a cold stop and wanted something a little more upscale.   Anyways… since buying the car two months ago I have received 12 different surveys.   The first one I did since it was from Mini Cooper.  I had an amazing experience buying it from my dealer and have been very happy with the car.  Maybe that was my first mistake – actually taking the survey.

Over this past weekend I received 4 more different survey packets in the mail all wanting to know about my new car buying experience, the features and one I would almost interpret as a “why did you not buy American” since that was the sort of questions.   I just threw all of them in the recycle bin.  I have never had this many requests for information after buying a car.

Nothing more specific other than they were all very long and none of then gave me any real incentive to complete them.  All would enter me in some sweepstakes to win $50 or potentially an iPad.