Hyperlinking for Intellectually Challenged Businesses

Recently I needed to resolve a problem with my Health Savings Account.  This is a cool program that deducts money from your pre-tax dollars and holds it for you.  You are given a Visa debit card to pay for your medical supplies and doctors payments that are not covered by insurance.  What I did not know is I needed to send in my receipts since the IRS does not want me to use these previous non-taxable dollars on anything but healthcare – unfortunately I did not get that memo so I needed to get the form from their site via my account to submit the invoice to get it approved.

When I clicked on the link to get the needed form I encountered something that I personally can’t comprehend.   The link to the form pops up a PDF and in the PDF is a note telling me the form has been moved to another location.  For the life of me I cannot understand why they would not just change the link to the form or even easier put the pdf form in that location.   My only rational is that someone did not understand how to do it and it was just easier to upload a new PDF with the same name – again I am perplexed why that PDF could not be the form rather than a note the form has been moved.

Maybe someday I will understand how the web teams in large companies think.