Scolded for not writing

This week at at SES London I was scolded by a few people for not writing more frequently.  I will try to do better… I have been insanely busy on a few client products and the forthcoming “Voice of the Consumer Data Management System” brilliantly code named “VOCDMS” – may need to do some crowdsourcing on the name ;-).   Hard to explain to clients when they see me writing on and not delivering their research documents.   I got yelled at for the article last week on India’s Digital Opportunities in Search Engine Land since it came out the same day I was late on a research report on a similar topic.

Obviously some of you actually read some of the crazyness that I write and others actually look forward to and that is very humbling.   So for those who care,  I will work harder to live up to your expectations.

I was given a laundry list in London from some folks and will try to write these posts – if there are others please let me know in comments, via Twitter or email or dare I suggest real human interaction and call me?

  • How to leverage Co-Optimization for your business
  • Deeper recommendations for global domain management
  • How to effectively mange a global SEO team
  • My favorite underwater photography destinations

Also, seems like there are good learnings from some of my rants – one will come today about airline SEO 😉

So I will try and your encouragement helps so keep it coming!