Google launches Internet Stats Site

Google has launched a new Internet Stats site in the UK at

They have broken the information down into 5 main categories: Macro Economic Trends, Technology, Consumer Trends, Media Consumption and Media Landscape. Within each topic are subcategories focusing on a deeper segment of that category area.

For example in the Consumer Trends category they have various segments like community, entertainment, information and ecommerce. The data is relatively recent and not exclusive to the UK. There tends to be more UK and European data than US right now but I am sure this will change.


I find it interesting there is not a “Search Category” nor did they have a lot of date from their own research especially from the CPG study that would fit in the Consumer Trends category.  Nevertheless, this is a good resource and a quick way to find relevant stats and the source. They even have a link to send them your data.

If you are stuck for a stat or hear one and need a source, this is a great place to try.  I will monitor it and let you know if they add any additional information.

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