Tweet Hall – creating our own session

Here at SXSW in Austin the Twitter for Marketing session was full nearly 30 minutes before the session so we were not able to get into the room.  A bunch of those blocked from entering were frustrated and noticed a nice open area just down the hall and move there to have our own sessions. Not being deterred the 50+ rejects commenced to have our own session that turned out to be better than the actual session.
The hour went from 101, 201 to 501 as people shot out questions that interested and perplexed them:

Q: What is the best tool to use?
A: Most seemed to like Tweetdeck for their laptop and Twitterphone for their mobile device

Q: How do businesses make money using this?
A: There were examples of monitoring conversations to software downloads to connecting with prospects who had not found them via search.

Q: How do I separate my personal and business Twitter accounts?
A: Everyone agreed it was a must for many reasons such as liability, job security, mistake preventing etc.� Most use different tools to manage the accounts so they would never cross post.� For example, since the personal account was the most fluid they used Tweetdeck and used the Twitter site for the company activities.

Q: What are the best tools for my phone?
A:� Most people liked Twitterphone and others like Tweetie, and Twitterlater
We used the Twitter has tag #tweethall to represent the content and allow people to comment long after the event.

There is an excellent video of the questions and the value of this action at

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